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Littleton Montessori School offers a quality Montessori education in a stimulating, nurturing environment for toddler & preschool children ages 1-6 years. Also, we offer Before & After School Program for children between the ages of 1 to 6 years old. Our educational programs do much more than teach your child; they instill confidence, independent thought and a life long love of learning. As a parent, the choices you make for your child now will have a profound effect on their future development and success. Make the right choice for your child at Littleton Montessori School.

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Littleton Montessori School strives to encourage the development of the whole child by providing an authentic Montessori experience. Our highly trained AMS and AMI certified Montessori instructors help the children cultivate independent thought and foundational skills as well as awareness of their environment; empathy for others; social ease and confidence. Come in for a tour and see the Montessori difference, and why Montessori children love to learn!

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Cultural Activities are a specific extension of the language curriculum where children begin to acquire a sense of historical fact, classification of physical geography and an appreciation of cultural differences.

Practical Life

Practical Life is the study of self-help skills and focuses on the four major areas, Care of Self, Care of Environment, Grace and Courtesy, and Movement.


Sensorial uses a multi-sensory approach to education. Children are encouraged to learn by processing information gathered through the senses.


Math continues the cognitive math development that began in the Practical Life Skills and Sensorial curriculum, taking an acute focus and more abstract thinking process with concrete materials.

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!

What Makes Us Special?

Our students have the opportunity to find out just who they are, on their own timetable, in a child-centered environment where their individuality is cherished.

Experienced Faculty

A warm and nurturing environment with a professional and well-trained, experienced faculty.

Innovative Learning

An innovative learning environment that fosters deeper thought and stimulates questioning and student-led research.

Parent Involvement

Opportunities for parent involvement in the school’s culture.

Natural Play Areas

Natural play areas and gardens that the children assist in caring for, promoting responsibility and independence.

Love & Care

Home-like learning environments that the children assist in caring for, promoting responsibility and independence.

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How we differ from a traditional school?

In most traditional preschools a teacher teaches the children educational concepts in a group. The Montessori education philosophy emphasizes the development of a child at the cognitive, social, and emotional level. Children learn on their own, at a pace they are comfortable with, and work with a large number of educational materials according to their own choice. Because of this, learning becomes an exciting process for them, which lead to concentration, motivation, and self-discipline. The love for learning comes naturally to them.

Montessori classes are multi-aged where children of different ages work in the same classroom. The older children in the classrooms share their knowledge with the younger ones, reinforcing their knowledge and teaching them leadership. The younger children are inspired by the things the older children can do and strive to grow to that level themselves.

A Montessori teacher is simply a guide stepping in when they see a child is “stuck” or ready to learn a new skill. In a Montessori environment, the focus is on the student, not the teacher. This allows children to learn independently, with the guidance and support of a teacher whose primary focus is observing how a child learns and tapping into those styles and approaches that work best for each child.

The Montessori materials used to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, science, music, and social studies are unique. These materials, designed by Maria Montessori are designed specifically with the understanding of how physiological and neurological developments impact a child’s learning. The classroom materials take abstract ideas and put them in a concrete form that makes sense to these developing minds. This can be seen clearly in the materials available for teaching arithmetic.


We know it’s not easy to select the right school for your child. Our admission process makes it easier! The process begins with your visit to our school. Following your tour, if you decide to enroll your child, you’ll complete an application.

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Parent Testimonials

“This is the only preschool we found where the environment is calm, and it continued to stay that way throughout the pandemic! Littleton Montessori provides a safe haven for kids and families who need sensitivity and caring in addition to safety and education. We are moving on to Kindergarten, but are sad to leave this school!”

Irena S. (Parent)

“We just finished a full year at Littleton Montessori and were SO pleased! Annaka is an excellent teacher and director with years of experience. All of the teachers are so compassionate yet able to direct the children with clarity and purpose. I observed the classroom several times and was always amazed at the calm yet focused environment that is indicative of a quality Montessori school. Littleton Montessori certainly fostered a love for learning in my daughter and I would recommend the school to anyone looking for a preschool, Montessori or otherwise.”

Alexis D. (Parent)